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I have a passion for typography, interaction and visual design, and have spent the last 5 years exploring how they can be used to solve a broad range of problems.

I’m currently working at Signal Noise (Part of the Economist Group) as a Senior Designer. This website, however, showcases my personal work and side projects done in my spare time. 

Shopageddon VR

Shopageddon is a web VR experiment that takes the madness of Black Friday and rams it into your eyeballs.

We used the Amazon API to place a random selection of products into an endless tunnel of VR shopping. Looking up or down allows visitors to fly at breakneck speed through the experience, while levelling out their gaze slows the motion down. A soundtrack was created which reacts to this; intense while flying, and calmer when level. We also turned on the screen reader to call out product names as they're looked at. Each one is read in a different voice, with the pitch and tone altered to make them more intense. Visitors are against the clock, and when time runs out they are presented with the items they spent longest looking at, all linked to buy on Amazon.

Shopageddon works best on your smartphone using the Google Chrome browser (you can use your desktop too though). For the full effect, hit the Google Cardboard icon in the bottom corner and strap yourself into a headset.

Try it here
(Warning, contains flashing images)

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