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I have a passion for typography, interaction and visual design, and have spent the last 5 years exploring how they can be used to solve a broad range of problems.

I’m currently working at Signal Noise (Part of the Economist Group) as a Senior Designer. This website, however, showcases my personal work and side projects done in my spare time. 


Cove is the coaching and leadership consulting practice of Liz Whitney. It’s aim is to improve leadership and reduce growing pains in creatively-led businesses.

The concept behind the cove identity was about creating a safe space. A warm and welcoming one that feels human. With cove, teams come to grow, Leaders adapt, Perspectives are challenged. Cove is the safety of no wrong answers. Because two minds are better than one,and a modern practice needs progressive thinking. Defining direction and purposefor modern creative leaders,empowering them to develop their companiesand the people they work with.

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